• Foreign born female physicians in this country are more likely to be from India than any other country,
    • 40% of foreign born female physicians being from Asia,
    • of which 1/2 are from India
  • Women as physicians  as well as spouses of busy practitioners face unique challenges.
  • Work-home balance especially for young families is an overwhelming preoccupation.

A network of women physicians and spouses of physicians

  • Meet periodically to
    • mingle, relax over tea or retail therapy
    • share their experiences and career goals
  • Mentor
    • Academic
    • Private practice
    • Business
  • Invite Keynote speakers

Compile a Resource Directory

  • Child care
    • whetted list of reliable nannies and baby sitting
    • our own kids ‘never too young to work ‘
  • Elder/ family care
  • Home care
  • Food services
    • daily menus, party catering, special / religious occasions

  • Self care
    • encourage sponsorship from local spas
    • retail therapy
      • invite clothing/ jewelry vendors to sponsor
  • Realtor Services
  • Financial Services